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Falkirk Council foster carers are fully trained, assessed, approved, reviewed and supported to look after children and young people.

We have a fantastic team of Social Workers who will support you as a foster carer and a dedicated training officer who will ensure that you are up to date with all relevant training. All our Foster Carers are asked and supported to maintain a Personal Development Portfolio to keep track of the experience gained as a Foster Carer. Foster Carer registration is reviewed on an annual basis at a Foster Carer Review Panel which carers will be asked to contribute to.

The Council also run foster carer support groups so you can meet and have the chance to informally discuss any issues with experienced carers.

We offer a comprehensive training programme and a competitive package of fees (dependant on your skills and continued development) and allowances (dependant on the age of the child).

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As an example …

Mr and Mrs Jones look after Billy and Michael age 6 and 8. Taking together their fees as Band A carers and the allowances for the children, Mr and Mrs Jones would receive around £30,000 a year.

Mrs Brown looks after Kate and Anne who are 13 and 14. Mrs Brown is a Band B carer given her years of experience of fostering. Taking her fee and the allowances for the girls together, Mrs Brown would receive around £40, 000 a year. This is based on:

Weekly fees

Band A Carer: £150

Band B Carer: £200

We also have a bespoke package with enhanced fees linked to the needs of a child where the fostering placement is an alternative to the child being placed in residential care.

Weekly allowances ( to cover the cost of caring for the child)

Age 0-4: £144.04 Age 5-10: £164.07 Age 11-15: £204.26 Age 16+: £238.18

We also pay a retainer should you have a period of time with no placements and a package of annual leave and additional benefits. You will also receive the necessary equipment such as beds and bedding and safety equipment such as a fire extinguisher/smoke alarms.

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