what do foster
carers do?

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Foster carers provide safe, nurturing homes for children and young people who are unable to live with their own families. The length of time a child stays with a foster carer depends on the child’s particular needs and circumstances. Fostering is a family based task offering children and young people stability, security and care when they are unable to live within their own families. For some children and young people this may be their first experience of positive family life with stable routines, consistent rules and expectations. Looking after children who are sad, distressed or confused can be complex and challenging but it can also be incredibly rewarding. As a foster carer you will offer physical and emotional care to a child or young person to meet their individual needs

Foster carers can also be asked to support children and young people to express their wishes and feelings and to maintain links with their families. As part of caring for a child or young person, there are often meetings to attend including Children’s Hearings and Child Care Reviews.

Foster carers are part of a team around the child and work with children, young people, their families and professionals (such as Social Work, Health and Education) to enable a child to return home or to move on to a permanent family.

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