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Welcome to Falkirk Council’s Fostering and Adoption Website. We are keen to recruit Falkirk Carers for Falkirk Children. Our aim is to keep children who can no longer live with their own families local, and provide them with life changing care and a loving and nurturing home environment.

We appreciate that Fostering and Adoption are two very different things and there are also many different types of fostering including both short term and permanent care. Within this site we hope to give you more information to allow you to take the next steps in your fostering or adoption journey.

At Falkirk Council we pride ourselves on the support we offer throughout your journey, from the initial contact all the way through to approval and of course once you have been approved and start to foster or adopt.

If you have been thinking about fostering or adopting, and believe that you can make a difference then we, and the many children in Falkirk and surrounding areas that need a caring, nurturing home environment, would love to hear from you.


Being a foster carer is a life changing experience and one of the most rewarding jobs you can ever do. At Falkirk Council we give the opportunity to be the best you can be by offering unmatched training and support throughout your fostering journey while you provide a loving, nurturing environment for children from the local area.

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We understand that if you are thinking of adopting then you are in the process of making one of the biggest decisions of your life. Don’t worry though we will be with you every single step of the way, supporting you throughout to become the best adoptive parent you can be.

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short breaks

Our Short Break care service provides care for children and young people who have a learning and/or physical disability. All children benefit from having contacts outside their immediate family. Being with other people can provide new experiences and help them make valuable social contact, develop new interests and friendship of a short breaks carer can benefit both the children and their parents.

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what our
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To see the kids growing up, gaining confidence, making friends, makes it so worth it.

The support we have received from Falkirk Council is unbelievable.

What you put in you get back a million fold!