short breaks
foster carer

a little girl with downs with her hand painted mulitcolours

“Many people like me enjoy children but I had not considered that I could care for a disabled child.  I got interested through learning about my friend’s little girl who has cerebral palsy.  I soon realised that if my friend could get a few hours off she would be more relaxed and enjoy time off from caring.

I have been a short breaks foster carer for five years now and have links with two different families.

Billie, like my friend’s child has cerebral palsy and is wobbly on his feet and I have to give him medicine to help his muscles relax.  He was very attention-seeking to start with but has settled into a good routine. Billie comes once a month for the weekend and he enjoys being away with us and going for walks with the dog and playing in the park – things his mum thought he would not do.

Susie also comes once a month for a day or two. She has Down’s Syndrome and some learning difficulties, she settled well but at the beginning she was a bit upset at bedtime as she missed her mum and her sister. I really enjoy doing this kind of fostering as I can work my own life around it and I have a lot of fun with the children whilst providing a safe place for them to be.”

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